At Mene SMO Sourcing Services, we are dedicated to offering a holistic service package tailored for the procurement and rental of state-of-the-art clinical trial equipment.
Our range of services covers essential components such as:

  • Comparator, ConMed, and Rescue Medication
  • Ancillary items
  • Laboratory equipment, including refrigerators, centrifuges, and incubators
  • Proactive management of equipment calibration and maintenance

    Through strategic partnerships with reputable vendors and producers committed to upholding stringent pharmaceutical quality standards, we assure unrivaled service quality and dependability. Our approach includes vigilant risk management by overseeing equipment calibration and maintenance to safeguard the integrity of each study. With efficient logistics and in-house labeling services, we ensure swift and accurate delivery of study materials to specified sites.

    In strict adherence to national and international regulations, our experienced team at Mene SMO diligently conducts services with the utmost professionalism and precision...